Here we go everyone my remake of chapter one, so I hope you all enjoy this remake, but remember this story started with one idea, but I do not own Highschool DxD, I do own the story idea, but that is it. It all began one day for me fighting to survive, to live I thought I was fighting for love Ddraig is there anything I can do to stop this attack!?

Why can't I do anything that you are suggesting? I mean that boosted me for ten seconds, so that means if I give you something better than I should get stronger, and have enough time to finish this fight with Vali right? Rias said nothing that I can recall, but from the sounds of it she was suspicious Kiba knew Koneko knew Then do it, I do not care right now, I just want to beat Vali right now, and get some answers to see if I am right about what I think, that is it, even if it costs me my life, I need to do this.

What is wrong Issei Hyoudou, sc-" Vali started but was interrupted when Issei let out a loud roar that made everyone look at him in shock and fear, except Vali who was in awe, as Issei's power was getting stronger than before, but it was not from rage or his emotions, it was strange to Vali but he can sense that he was actually focused on something, a goal perhaps, honestly Vali did not know about what it was, but he can tell that whatever it is it was the cause of whatever was happening, because he was calm, and was not a boost that increased his power.

However, that is just the perspective of those watching, to Issei and Ddraig something else was happening, but it was not good, but also not bad either. Ddraig what is going on?! But the band Azazel gave you is messing with the transformation of your heart, added with that the evil pieces are having a negative effect with the change as well, along with Ascalon, and here is a note, the bio-band has a small piece of Fallen DNA, or there is Fallen DNA somewhere in you or around you that is causing this, so in other terms you have multiple energies fighting for dominance in you, and the more this go on, the more power is coming from the boosted gear, making past energies I worked with come in you as well!

If it is apart of me, then I can control it! Though when they could see again they were shocked to Issei standing in the same place he was once more, but he was standing up straight, and from the looks of his stance alone he looked more confident, added to that he was also radiating more power than before, but if you looked at the ground you can see see some items on the floor, they were eight pawn pieces that were on the floor looking lifeless, as well as having some crack marks on them as well, next was the wrist band that Azazel made that was completely destroyed.

I have a question, but this question is something that I have been wondering about after it appeared in my mind, and I could ask any other time I am a dragon. But before anything else could happen the barrier around the school broke and a man wearing a Chinese kinda get up crashed into the ground and landed next to Vali before looking at everyone with a smile on his face.

Yea it is just a thought I had if Issei thought about what happened the day he died, and let this be told if I do make this into a story Issei will be a anti-hero, but other than that I hope you like it, and comment if I should make this into a story, but hope to see you all next time! Story Story Writer Forum Community. During Issei's fight with Vali, he realizes something he should have a long time ago, filled with rage and a new attitude what will he do?

Even some Ooc characters. Realization Here we go everyone my remake of chapter one, so I hope you all enjoy this remake, but remember this story started with one idea, but I do not own Highschool DxD, I do own the story idea, but that is it. To Be Continued Chapter 1 2.Hey Guys, Shadow here with another Fanfiction!

But I did some thinking Well I figured if Harry Potter won't work out well its time to change my ways. Well as you can see by the obvious description, Its about Issei and well betrayals I guess. Well let's get it on I carry the blood of the Original Lucifer, while you weren't even an impressive student in Highschool what I am trying to say is without your Boosted Gear you are nothing.

Surely you can act on something as tragic as that. I imagine your parents would be grateful for their murder Any death that could take them would be better than their dull and boring lives Yes let's do that. Like I'm just gonna sit around and let that happen just for his convenience.

I'll show you what happens when you threaten to hurt anyone I care about!

In a Split second Issei appeared in front of Vali then gave him an Uppercut that could destroy a Tank if need be then disappearing on top of Vali and kicking him to the ground then followed with a barrage of Punches. Issei didn't stop there he kept punching him until Vali's armor disppated only leaving his wings before he jumped out of the crater created by Issei's punches.

Very Intresting Let's see what you can do about this! Let me clear this out so it's simple that power he has divides things in half and that would mean Rias Gremory's bust line would also be half of their size" Azazel said Rias Gremory sent a suprised look not noticed by anyone.

I can't live where Rias only has normal sized boobs" Issei thought distraught getting angrier by the second.

Suddenly Issei's aura flared and his Sacred Gear kept Boosting him leaving him with a power that could kill Gods. Moments later a man looking for Vali appeared in a portal and found a badly injured Vali complete with a Bleeding Arm. He took Vali to their 'Base' with a pose and a portal. I get bored and I like reading your comments. Story Story Writer Forum Community.

A Fight with Vali is all Issei needed to show everyone his unknown strength. Consequences Hey Guys, Shadow here with another Fanfiction!

issei rage fanfiction

We fight until we can't anymore. I can't live where Rias only has normal sized boobs" Issei thought distraught getting angrier by the second Suddenly Issei's aura flared and his Sacred Gear kept Boosting him leaving him with a power that could kill Gods. Chapter 1 2. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Your review has been posted. Actions Add to Community Report Abuse. Close Working Terms of Service.Then it would go into the rest of your body, then it would break down at the sheer amount of power.

You mean the most to me out of everyone, they have their own space in my heart but you will all ways be the one I love the most. And everyone else, otherwise it could cause some problem. I don't regret it. I would recommend going to the school to as your body will become its dragon form after your finished.

I'll teach you how to change forms after. Issei was my first friend, but I thought he wouldn't want me, I'm not like Rias and Akeno. Issei loves you for your kindness and remember what Ddraig said. Dragons are protective of people like you, I'm sure he will grant you any wish you want.

As they kissed, Issei started undressing Rias. Issei took off the black shoulder cape, he let it drop to the ground at Rias's feat. Then he took off her black ribbon, letting it fall down to her cape.

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He unbuttoned the top two buttons of her shirt and kissed her neck, earning a pleased moan from Rias. Then he unbuttoned her long sleeve shirt, then he moved down to her magenta skirt letting both fall at her feet.

Then he removed her button-down corset, her breasts bounced as Issei grabbed them and tweaked her nipples. Rias moaned, as Issei played with her nipples for a few seconds. He then picked Rias up bridal style and placed her down on her clothes. Then he removed her brown dress shoes through them out of the way, then removed her white crew length socks, leaving Rias in just her lingerie.

Issei promises Akeno a date if she wins

He leaned down and kissed Rias passionately, he gave a quick click of his fingers as his clothes disappeared.

As they were kissing, Issei used his right hand to remove Rias's panties. Rias was already wet from just light teasing, he led his hand around Rias's entrance to tease her.

While his left hand removed her sexy bra, her massive breasts bounced as Issei latched on with his mouth. Rias was at this point could do nothing but moan as Issei had his way with her, she knew this would happen.

Dragons liked being in control of everything, that included mating. It was 9 inches long 3 inches girth, she was shocked at his size. Being turned into a devil improved all aspects of a person's body. It's okay Rias, the pain will go away in a few seconds.

After a few minutes, Rias slowly started bucking her hips against Issei's. Rias guessed Issei had started changing into a dragon, she hopped that he didn't turn into his dragon form while he was still inside her.Not much more to say up here, but if you want an explanation about what happened to the poll, look at the AN at the bottom of this page. Blake Tourdner : Don't go killing off Roland yet! Tykronos : Trust me, Roland's only able to scratch the surface of Nightmare Masque's capabilities right now.

You'll see later on what it can really do. Rosenkreutz : Heh, well, you'll be able to see something like that later on. The 'kid' will not be an important character Am I really taking this slow?

It feels like I'm honestly going too fast at times I guess that's just my perception being messed up or something. Managed Dragoon : Don't worry about the harem size. I can promise you it won't be massive. I'm not that egotistical. Bones : I completely agree with you. Read the bottom of this chapter. Tykronos : To each his own, I suppose. RevansStories : Answered this at the bottom of this page.

I only stared at the white-haired man in front of me, unable to move a single muscle in my body. My brain was screaming at them to move and yet they stayed where they were, frozen.

I could feel slight trickles of sweat rolling down my neck, sending shivers up my spine. The man who I both feared and hated above all else in this world was right in front of me, and I could do nothing. Freed tilted his head in confusion at my lack of a reaction.

You there, shitty devil? What, do you not like it!? You're breaking my heart! T-this… I just don't understand… the one day that I decide to just say fuck it and he's here… I gotta…. Freed stopped and he looked me dead in the eye, with a blank facial expression. Say something, anything!

Or are you a mute shitty devil? That would be terrible! Absolutely awful! I wouldn't be able to hear your-". His eyes widened, his stupid fucking red eyes. I imagine the gears in his head turning. Despite him being a madman, Freed Sellzen is not stupid, not by a long shot. His bloodlust just overrides his reasoning, which would explain his joining with Kokabiel later in the story. He began tittering. Oh, oh, oh, oh! Oh, this is perfect! Who woulda thought, that the shitty devil-summoner-kun that I absolutely slaughtered on some dark road a week ago would become a shitty devil of all things!This is a side project I wanted to use to practice more combat related stuff.

Chapters will be usually be around 3k. The achievements of Issei not only achieving his balance breaker as well as defeating a high class devil that could regenerate indefinitely, were greatly overshadowed by grief.

It had been 2 weeks since that day…. The day that Raiser Phenex killed Asia Argento. He could still see it, her screaming as she was burned alive, and was dead before the Rating Game system could retire her. He'd been too far away to make it to her in time.

He could still feel it, holding her body feeling her skin crunch in his hands as it started glowing, the system finally taking her away. That announcement echoed through his mind over and over again, not believing he'd just lost someone so innocent, so caring Issei could only recall a few more details from that point on.

One was Ddraig, yelling to Raiser to prepare to face a depth of hell he'd never escape from. Then there was a mass of voices talking, saying to chant for her, claim his revenge for her.

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To Drown Him in a fire that would never stop burning. It would only stop when every inch of him had been consumed. I can't let him hurt Asia! A building on the fake school campus was the only thing keeping his sight on what his enhanced devil ears were picking up on. Issei ran with all the strength he could muster, to save the girl he'd already failed once before.

The corner covering where Raiser was facing against Rias and Asia passing his view, and there he saw it. Raiser was standing on a rooftop with Asia in his grasp, a fire building in his hand that was pointed at the blonde Bishop. Rias was across from him, not looking overly worried, like she didn't believe that he'd actually kill a member of her peerage, especially with how much he preached about the numbers of devils needing to be boosted. Issei released his devil wings that he had minimal control of, and took flight to the roof, but he'd still be another seconds away.

issei rage fanfiction

Rias muttered something to Raiser that even devil hearing couldn't pick up, and Raiser seemed angered by it, judging by his flames growing in size rapidly.

Issei knew that Rias wouldn't attack Raiser, in fear of the power of destruction hurting Asia also, that power was too unpredictable. So he was the only thing that could help her right now. Asia winced as the heat next to her head increased, starting to singe her golden blonde hair. She caught sight of Issei flying towards her as quickly as he could. Her eyes started to water, she could feel that Raiser was prepared to kill her, it was the same feeling that Raynare and Freed had given her while she was still with the group of strays.

She didn't want Issei to see her die, it would bring him so much pain, she didn't want that for the first friend she'd ever had.The time was am, Gohan couldn't sleep thanks to everything that had happened yesterday as it was still fresh in his mind, he had missed his training yesterday due to the incidents with Issei and then his conversation with Rias so decided that now was a good a time as any to do some training.

Gohan slipped out of bed trying not to disturb the peaceful slumber that Rias was in, he then grabbed one of his many gi's and then left the room. Gohan walked into his training room and got changed quickly to try and get as much time in for training as he possibly could before he would have to go to school. Gohan had really upped his training over the last few days he wanted to make sure that he was in top condition for anything that may happen in the future.

The young Saiyan then powered to maximum Super Saiyan 2 form and created his clones using the multi-form technique and then returned to his normal state. It had been a lot harder on him doing this type of training due to the constant increase in gravity. He had something else he wanted to try today as well in his training just to see how far he had really come. After a good 3 hours of fighting his copies to the point of near exhaustion again, he had the gravity return to normal which was a relief to his body if only for a moment as it was about to be increased by a lot.

Gohan planted his feet to the ground ready for what he was about to do and then transformed into Super Saiyan 2. I feel I've definitely mastered this form now but I still have this strange sensation deep within my energy… Gohan had a hunch that there was a higher form than his Super Saiyan 2 form but was still not sure how to bring it out, he had been trying for days but I felt like something was missing.

issei rage fanfiction

Oh well, right now I wanna see how far I can go in this form with the gravity…. As soon as he said that he felt the pressure hit him, he could still move easy especially in this form as he kept disappearing and reappearing all over the room.

After about 5 minutes, Gohan could really feel the weight on his whole body, his face was all scrunched up because he was concentrating so much on not dropping to the floor due to the overwhelming weight that was pushing down on him. I think that will do now, I'm beat…. Gohan then dropped back down to his normal state and decided it was time he went for a shower and to wake up Rias so they could get ready for school. Issei was walking on his way to school when hearing a shriek of a girl behind him, as he turns to see what the noise was all he sees is a bright white pair of pants.

Oh man, it must be my lucky day… Issei thought with blushing cheeks and a slight nosebleed to go with his perverted face while gazing at the girls bum.

Wow, she is… she's… just wow… Issei was felt absorbed when looking into her amazing green eyes. As Issei was doing this the wind picked up again and blew her veil away to which he ran after and grabbed just in time before it ended up in the mud.

He then passed the veil back to the young nun and introduced himself, "Hi there, I'm Issei" he smiled and then held out his hand again ready to shake her hand he hoped. Maybe he can help, he seems nice enough… "I'm sorry to bother you Issei but I'm kind of lost could you maybe help me" she enquired with a smile hoping the boy would help her.

As they were walking along they both heard a crying child and as soon as Asia had seen the boy crying she quickly ran over to him to see if he was okay. Big boys don't cry now do they" Asia soft and gentle voice calmed the boy down from his crying as Issei was watching on smiling at the scene, he was then shocked by what he saw as Asia brought her hands up above the scrape on the boys legs and a soft green glow could be seen covering the area of the scrape on the boys knee.

What is that light and owww why is my arm suddenly burning… Issei clutched at his left wrist but just as Asia had finished treating the boy the pain in his wrist simply went away. Hmm that was weird…. Asia then turned to Issei, "sorry about that I just Asia picked up her bag and replied, "Yes I like to think that it's a gift, a truly wonderful giftIssei groaned as he was tossed back, his Sacred Gear's Balance Breaker barely holding up against the power of the punch that sent him flying.

He quickly got up after landing, not wanting to be caught off guard again. His opponent was himself Issei know what this was, his rage, primal, Draconic Rage that had replaced his human rage many years ago.

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It was speaking the truth; Issei knew that all too well. He would never be freed of his rage, not ever. He stood up, his armor repairing itself slightly. Issei growled before launching himself at the black armor, his firsts aiming for the gems on the chest plate. His Rage parried the blows until Issei was able to grab the center green gem. Issei dug his claws into the armor, the metal screeching as his Rage tried to pull him away. Issei with one final desperate grab latched onto the center gem and started to pull with all his might, Ddraig roaring out the sacred gear's main ability over and over again until finally it gave way and the black armor began to fall apart.

Issei Hyoudou woke up in his bed, his brown hair a mess as he sat up with a yawn. As he looked around, the Red Dragon Emperor sighed as he saw the sunlight peeking through his bedroom window. He got up and headed downstairs, moving silently as he remembered what day it was. It was the anniversary of his parents' marriage day and their deaths.

Issei stepped into the kitchen before he gripped the sink, a lone tear running down his face. Of course life hated him, his parents were dead, he was forced to battle his Draconic Rage every night and he was the Red Dragon Emperor all rolled into one. The sink started to show signs of being dented when Issei was wrapped in a hug from behind by Irina Shidou.

Issei let go of the sink and turned around as several more tears followed the first. Irina wiped them away with a single finger "Hey, I know today is the hardest day to face but I'll be with you like I have been before". Issei nodded, a small smile pulling at his lips "I know but…the way my mom and dad had to leave this world…it's still imprinted on my memory". Irina just nodded, her eyes showing that she knew the pain he was going through.

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Issei turned back to the sink and got himself a glass of water. Irina went to the pantry to get them both some cereal, Issei stood rooted to the spot as he let his mind wonder and think on nothing. Putting the cup in the sink, Issei walked over to the table and sat down, his face in his hands, the memory of that day coming to him like a ghost. The 5 year old Issei was sitting in the back with his coloring book and crayons, his mother and father in the front seats of the car.

His Dad was driving them to the park for the day; Issei and his Mother were both happy as they had wanted to visit the park again.

Issei was content for the moment. The thing was huge and was pale green, having a crocodile like tail and build of a Gorilla, its face was vaguely human except for the mouth, which was nothing more than a circular opening that had teeth rotating inside of it. The monster grabbed his father and shoved him into its mouth, his screams filling the air as he was torn apart.

Issei was terrified as his Mother tried to unbuckle herself and reach for him. The Stray grunted and hissed as it was hit in the side by multiple spells and energy spheres, its tail whipped around and hit several people, who screamed as they were sent flying.

Hyoudou freed herself before freeing her son. It then tore Issei's mother in half, eating her after had done so.

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